Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 20: A Good Week

It's been a great week.  Here's my overview.


 Jessie continued her review exercises in the 6A books this week.  She finished the last page of her workbook on Thursday and began the mid-year review in the 6A IP book.

Violet started working on the section on area and perimeter in the 4A book this week, and it did not go well at all, so we're going to start fresh on Monday and work back through the entire unit a second time.  Hopefully, it will sink in this time.

Benny began his second unit in his 1B Singapore books on picture graphs.  He finished up his Miquon Orange book on Thursday and started his Miquon Red book on Friday!


Jessie continued studying pronouns with R&S 6 and completed another lesson of CW Homer.  (She's filling out her comparison table for her writing project in the picture.)  She had her first week using Vocabulary From Classical Roots A.  It felt kind of muddled this week as we're both trying to get a feel for the program.  She did complete lesson 1 successfully.  Her literature selection for the week was The Canterbury Tales by McCaughrean.

 Violet completed lesson 18 in SWO F, so she's halfway through the book now! :)  She's also studying pronouns in R&S 4 and is struggling a bit keeping the three different types of pronouns straight.  She completed her weekly copywork and dictation.  Friday, she finally decided to take a try at completing her dictation in cursive.  For CW Aesop, she rewrote the story "The Three Billy Goats Gruff".  Her new literature selection is The Beggars' Bible by Vernon.  I've cut back her reading to one chapter a day in an effort to get her to give me more detailed narrations.
Benny finished his second Explode the Code book this week, completed 4 more pages of Phonics Pathways, and wrote John 3:16 for his copywork.  For literature, we finished The Apple and the Arrow by Buff and are near completing The Blue Bay Mystery by Warner.


Jessie successfully completed lesson 16 in LfC C which was a review lesson and lesson 12 of EG1 which covered more neuter nouns.  Violet spent her second week learning the imperfect tense in lesson 17 of LfC A. 

 Jessie covered some more of the events of the Hundred Years War this week in her reading from The Story of the Middle Ages.
She also covered the reigns of Richard II and Charles VI.
Violet, Benny, and I learned about the Black Death this week using The Story of the World and read about John Wycliffe and the church councils of the Middle Ages in Monks and Mystics
Violet also read about King Edward III, King Richard II, and the first part of the Hundred Years War in Our Island Story.
They completed a coloring page of a doctor during the plague and put together a wheel booklet showing the cycle of the plague.
Violet wasn't interested in making one of the doctor's masks for a hands on activity, so we decided to just "hunt for fleas" instead.
Jessie helped my put two fleas (raisins) into several plastic Easter eggs and hide them around the living room.
Benny and Violet had a grand time hunting for them and ate the "fleas" for their afternoon snack.


Jessie covered lesson 12 in her anatomy text this week, completed her review vocabulary crossword flawlessly, and wrote out the answers to the "What Do You Remember" questions for her quiz getting the majority correct.

This week in earth science, the girls completed the quiz for unit 1 on Monday and then we began unit 2.
 I had hoped to cover 3 lessons in unit 2, but we only made it through the first 2.  We studied the design of the earth and the three types of rocks.  The girls filled in a worksheet on the rock cycle, and Benny completed 2 more booklets.
 For hands on, we made an edible model of the earth by inserting a chocolate core inside of a marshmallow, which represented the mantle, and dipping it in melted chocolate to form the crust.
 The kids were most excited about eating them naturally.  Since we didn't want to waste the melted chocolate, we made several chocolate covered pretzels to eat later in the afternoon.
We also illustrated the seismic waves used to study the interior of the earth by creating waves in a dish of water and watching them bounce off of the jar set in the middle.


Henry loves to be helpful.  When he accomplishes something, his face always beams with a huge smile.
One day this week, he found a hand towel on the floor and decided that it needed folding.
He spent several minutes laying it out straight and folding it and was rightfully very proud of himself.
Friday he decided that it was time to get dressed.  He went back to his room alone, pulled off his pajamas, selected a set of clothes from his drawer, and put them on.
DH helped him snap the pants and then turn his shirt around the correct way, but I thought it was an impressive first try.

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