Monday, January 10, 2011

Lose 200 Pounds This Weekend - Book 2, 52 in 52

Invariably every year after Christmas, my housekeeping standards slide as I focus on putting away Christmas decorations and finding homes for all of the new presents that have entered the house, so I like to take a few days to read some type of cleaning or organizing book to motivate me to get caught back up. This year I thought I would give Lose 200 Pounds This Weekend: It's Time to Declutter Your Life by Don Aslett a try. Can I just say WOW. I'm actually feeling a whole lot better about the state of my house than I did before. Granted we still have too much stuff and could use some more downsizing, but I'm no where near some of the examples in the book.

The book itself is designed to be motivational. He looks at why we have too much stuff and what that stuff has cost and is costing us in time, money, energy, stress, etc. He lays out reasons why clearing out clutter is better done sooner rather than later and suggests different plans for getting started on decluttering. He goes through various categories of items and details different strategies for tackling each area. Finally, he finishes off with some ideas for keeping the clutter from coming back and some testimonials to give you some final inspiration. Overall, the book is full of basic, common sense advice, a dash of humor, and large helping of inspiration to get started on simplifying your life by decluttering your home.  A great read for someone looking for a little motivation.


Jamie said...

This looks like a book I need!

Paul KH said...

And me !