Sunday, January 16, 2011

Otto of the Silverhand by Pyle - Book 3, 52 in 52

Otto of the Silverhand by Howard Pyle is a classic story set during the Middle Ages.  Otto's father lives as a robber baron until the day his wife dies leaving behind his son.  The infant is taken to a monastery to be raised.  After several years, Otto's father returns and takes the quiet, simple boy home to teach him to become a knight where his troubles soon begin.

The tale has all the classic themes of innocence, injustice, bravery, love, and more and would make an excellent read for ages 10 and up.


Mother Robin said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear of someone else who's read this! We own a copy as part of the Ambleside Online book list for Year 2, but haven't fitted it in. Sounds like a Dad-Read-Aloud!
How long did it actually take you to read it? Did you really do it in a week?

Mother Robin said...

I also find your poetry memorization list inspiring. Thanks for the ideas.

Robin McCormack said...

Sounds interesting and wish I could get my son to like these types of books. Just not his cup of tea..yet.