Friday, May 9, 2008

Week 35: Inches from the finish line

It's been a delightfully light week as far as school goes so the report will be brief.


Jessie is still moving right along in her CWP book. We have 1 1/2 sections left before we stop for the year and will finish up next week. I've decided to change how I schedule the CWP book starting next year. I think we'll do a page a day along with our regular math assignment. This will give us the review problems from CWP 3 to finish up until we've progressed far enough along in SM 4 to start the CWP 4 book. Violet finished her math for the year on Tuesday and would you believe she told me this morning that she misses doing math and wants to know when she'll get to do some more?!?


The girls have finished memorizing their last poem for the year. That leaves two poems that we didn't get to that I will simply move to next year's list. For literature, the girls read Daughter of Liberty on their own this week. They must have enjoyed it because I had to reclaim the book when they began arguing over whose turn it was to read the book a second (or was it third) time.


We put together our geography lapbooks this week. They were definitely the longest that we have ever assembled. I believe we went through about 5 glue sticks just for the assembly. For pictures see the two posts below this one.

For history, we are ever moving slowly through the revolutionary war. This week we read about the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock, and part of a biography of Nathan Hale. We added the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Declaration of Independence, and John Hancock to our timeline and assembled booklets for the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Declaration of Independence, and John Hancock.


We finished up our last lesson until June in Apologia on flying reptiles. We're going to save the second half on insects for a summer study. We remade the bat booklet from last week that I had messed up and created one booklet for the last chapter. The only thing that we haven't done yet is assemble our lapbook. I hope to do that next week before the baby comes, but with only one week to go it may end up waiting a little longer.

Benny's preschool is officially over for the year. We'll continue to informally read, review letters, and count over the summer break. I'll leave his current Kumon books available to work on whenever he chooses.

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Stacy said...

Your kiddos have had a productive year! I really like their lapbooks. It has inspired me to look into lapbooking with my ds. I really like your blog. Best wishes with the upcoming birth.
Stacy :-)