Friday, May 2, 2008

Week 34: Almost at the Finish Line

We've had a great week. It's felt a little scattered because we have finished up enough subjects that we really aren't following our regular schedule. I'm hoping I can keep my brain focused for one more week and then we'll be finished and switch to a summer schedule.


Jessie is doing much better with CWP 3 this week. I think she finally understands the basic concept behind the bar graphs. She's been able to complete the sections on money and length as well as half of the weight section. YEAH!! It's still taking her longer to work through the problems each morning, but for the most part she is just sticking with it without complaining.

Violet has completely finished her 2A textbook and workbook this week. She has just a few pages left in her IP book to complete next week, and then she will be done for the summer.


Both girls have finished memorizing our poem, The Swing. We'll do some review this summer, but nothing new until next year. For literature, we've finished reading Mr. Revere and I. Jessie and Violet are both eager for me to finish the book so they can go back and reread it themselves. We've also finished up our last copywork (I Corinthians 13 for Violet) and dictation(the creation section of The Magician's Nephew for Jessie) for the year. Jessie completed one final CW Aesop assignment using the fable The Farmer and the Nightingale. We didn't do as much editing as in the last few assignments, but we're both ready to take a break for a while.


We completed the last of our US geography booklets on Thursday. The only left to do next week is assemble the lapbook and decorate.

For history, we've read about the battles of Lexington and Concord, the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, and the battle of Bunker Hill. I have their narrations printed, but we didn't get time to put the booklets together this week. We're going to be continuing history throughout May and hopefully wrap up by mid-June.

For science we finished up our section on bats and finished another booklet. Unfortunately, I goofed in setting it up, so I'll post a picture next week after we rework and assemble it. We didn't get to the section on flying reptiles this week. So we'll take next week to wrap that up and assemble our science lapbook.


Benny is almost at the end of the alphabet. This week we added Yy. Hopefully next week we can add Zz and then just review off and on for the summer. He also did some cutting in his Kumon book this week in addition to being Daddy's helper one day and spending plenty of time outside.


dragons in the flower bed said...

Ah, I've been enjoying your journey through the states for months now, and I can't wait to see your lapbook!

Jennefer said...

I enjoyed reading your report as well as the last several entries. I will be back to see the completed lapbook and to hear updates on Baby #4!

Take care