Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008-09 Goals for Jessie : Math, Logic, and Languages

1. Continue to improve multiplication and division skills.Learn to multiply by a two digit number.Singapore Math 4A
2. Continue to improve on understanding of fractions, addition and subtracting of fraction, and introduce mixed numbers.Singapore Math 4A.
3. Improve 2D geometry skills by measuring angle, understanding parallel and perpendicular lines, and continue to work on area and perimeter.Singapore Math 4A
4. Introduce the concept of decimals. Learn to do basic operation with decimals.Singapore Math 4B
5. Improve 3D geometry skills by identifying solid figures and learning how to calculate colume.Singapore Math 4B
6. Continue to improve computation speed in multiplication and division.Math keys, drills
1. Continue to improve reasoning and analytical skills.Building Thinking Skills 2
2. Continue to improve logic and problem solving skillsMind Benders A2, A3, A4
1. Improve Latin vocabulary and grammarLatin For Children Primer A
2. Make Latin more fun.LfC Activity book and DVD?
3. Begin reading and translating Latin.LfC History Reader
1. Learn Spanish alphabet.
2. Increase Spanish vocabulary.Spanish for Children (library)
Learnables Spanish 1
Other library resources ??

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Tonia said...

I appreciate the fact that you are sharing your goals - it really helps to seem something all laid out like that. My dd is still pretty young so our goals are simple at this point, but I am gaining some insight into preparations for future years! It's so easy to want to buy every new curriculum on the market but it would really be a waste of $$ if it doesn't meet your goals! Thanks for sharing - I've enjoyed reading!