Friday, April 11, 2008

Week 31: Entering the home stretch

This is my girls' favorite time of the year. We start getting more and more days of beautiful weather at the same time they are finishing up one subject after another making the school day shorter and shorter. At our current pace, we will most likely be done with all of our core subjects by the end of the year. I haven't determined a finishing date for history and science yet, but it's always better to have at least one structured task to do it each day (at least in this household). Here a look at our week...


Jessie has now finished up the review at the end of her Intensive Practice book. The only remaining math work that she has to do now is to work through the Challenging Word Problems book 3, which should take her until about the end of this month. She did an excellent job this morning of staying focused and working through both steps of the problems to answer the question.

Violet is working on the last section in the 2A books on multiplying and dividing by 2 and 3. Since she already knew how to count by 2s, the first half of this section has been a breeze for her this week. We doubled up lessons several days, and she didn't mind a bit because it was so easy. I've never really done any counting by 3s with her, so I expect to revert back to a slightly slower pace next week.


Our memory work selections for this week are both new. For Bible memory, the girls are working on I Corinthians 13. I expect this to take us through the end of the month and mostly likely to be finished up over the summer. Our new poem is The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson. We still have 2 other short poems in the box. We'll wait to see if we get them in this month or move one to next year instead.

Jessie finished her final draft of The Lion and the Mouse in CW Aesop (see the post below for pictures and what we actually did differently.) Today she finished up the last lesson in SWO E, so spelling next week will just be a test of lesson 35, review of missed words, and hopefully a final test on those words. She's still plugging happily through the creation part of The Magician's Nephew for dictation. I'm beginning to wonder if we are going to finish everything she wants to write before we run out of paper now that she's filling a full page every day. We've also started to increase our pace through the last section of the grammar book so that it will be finished by the end of the month as well.

Violet is now officially finished with spelling for the year after correctly spelling her remaining list of trouble words this week. For copywork, she wrote our new poem and started on the verses from our Bible memory work. She'd reading aloud to me from Charlotte's Web. The one change we've made is that I have started asking her to tell me what the chapter is about at the end of each reading in order to transition her to some more independent reading next year.


In geography, the girls completed booklets for South Dakota and Tennessee as well as the first half of the Texas booklet. We haven't started memorizing capitals because I didn't write it down on my schedule (and hence forgot). I need to make a modified schedule for the remainder of April anyway since several subjects are now complete or nearly complete.

For history this week, we read about Daniel Boone and the expansion into the Kentucky territory. I asked Jessie if she would try giving me a written narration instead of an oral one. She actually had fun and included lots of details. We'll do the timeline and booklets for next week and I'll post pictures then.

For science, we are on our final chapter about birds. On the right is a picture of the booklet we made covering the parts of an egg. I'll post a picture of the crossword booklet next week when we finish the chapter on mating and raising young.


Benny's preschool was short and simple this week. He had his own agenda of things he wanted to play and do for the most part. We did add the letters Ww. Other than that it was just a few books, a few songs, and a bit of counting.

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Looks like you had a wonderful week!