Monday, April 28, 2008

Planning for Baby #4 - update

Well April is almost over, and we're currently at 18 days and counting until my due date. Of course when the baby comes is up to the baby so we'll just have to wait and see on that. At any rate, I decided it was time to check on how I'm doing at getting everything ready and make sure I haven't left out anything critical at this point.

1. Pick out names.
2. Buy a carseat.
3. Buy newborn size diapers.
4. Wash cradle and crib bedding.
**I've only washed the cradle bedding so far because I haven't cleared out my office to make room for the crib yet.
5. Wash newborn clothing.
6. Set up crib.
**Need to clean up my office still.
7. Determine if I need to buy furniture for the baby's room.
**Also waiting on #8. I just can't plan with so much stuff.
8. Rearrange and/or clear out the office to make room for baby items.
**Taxes are finished. Still have a few things to consign or sell on EBay waiting for me. Hoping to make some real progress here this week.
9. Wash newborn toys.
**I had forgotten this one. Will try to work on this week.
10. Put together diaper bag of supplies and items needed to take to the hospital.
11. Write out another birth plan so I don't have to be arguing while in labor.
**Had also forgotten this one. Will try to find my last plan this week and make any modifications next week.

Overall, I think we have the essentials done if the baby were to come today. Still I would like to make some more progress on the list as I can over the next couple of weeks.

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Innocent Observer said...

Hello! I have been reading and greatly enjoying your blog. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for making available all of your hard work with the State mini books and stickers. We have been using them and think they are great. I know how much work it entailed to put them together and I am forever grateful to you for making them available to us!!!

The other links don't work for me. :(