Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Last Couple of Weeks

The last couple of weeks we've taken a break from school to focus on our church VBS.  I volunteered to teach Henry's class.  All the older kids pitched in to help me decorate the classroom the week before last.
 They cut out all of the smaller animals (butterflies, frogs, lizards, and small parrots) and leaves for our rainforest and put them up for me.  The girls also helped with our streamers/vines.  Benny seemed to think the best part of decorating was that I gave him permission to stand on the tables to put leaves and butterflies on the vines. ;)
We all had a blast with the decorating (and probably went a little overboard, but hey I don't often have access to those large bulletin boards rolls of paper and there are just so many possibilities). 

The three younger kids had a great week in their VBS classes this past week.  Jessie helped me preparing some small crafts, volunteered in the snack area one day, and spent two days in the other 4 year old room. 

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