Friday, June 29, 2012

Goals for the Next Year Part 2 - 6th Grade

Goals for Violet's 6th Grade

Solidify math factsContinue math drill with a combination of Flashmaster, flashcards, and other methods.
Improve problem solving skillsComplete Singapore level 6 and CWP series
Solidify basic computation skills and concepts of fractions, decimals, percents, and ratiosComplete Singapore level 6 and supplement as needed with other resources.
Solidify basic geometry skills with triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms and learn basics of circles Complete Singapore level 6 and supplement as needed

Language Arts - Reading/Literature
Improve reading comprehension and narrationContinue assigning selections of literature daily with oral narration. Have her jot down a list of facts for more difficult selections. Write up model narrations, compare her narration against the model, and discuss differences.
Introduce basic literary analysisUse teaching the classics methods to complete story charts and add basic discussion of some selections this year.

Language Arts - Writing
Improve paragraph writing skills.Complete second part of CW Homer and writing lessons in Rod & Staff 6
Learn to write stories out of chronological orderTaught in CW Homer
Improve outlining and summarizing skillsComplete weekly outlining and summaries of history and science topics. Write book reports or plot summaries of literature selections.
Improve writing style.Taught in CW Homer and apply to other writing across curriculum.

Language Arts - Grammar & Spelling
Finish up spelling skillsComplete SWO H.
Solidify 8 parts of speech and basic diagramming skills.Complete Rod & Staff 6 and grammar exercises in Homer.
Introduce more advanced grammar concepts

Finish timeline.Add HTTA figures weekly as related to reading.
Cover historical events through modern timesRead resources recommended in TruthQuest AOR 2 and 3.
Expand study of history beyond basic facts and stories.Have weekly history discussion of either TruthQuest commentary or a selected history topic.

Introduce the basics of chemistry and ecologyComplete God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology series.
Increase interest in science.Complete as many hands on activities as possible. Have available supplementary library books on topics. Require 1 science related library book choice each week.

Latin & Greek
Continue to build Latin vocabulary and grammar concepts.Complete Latin for Children level C.
Improve translation skills.Work through level C history reader.
Learn Greek alphabet.Complete Greek Alphabet Code Cracker.
Introduce basic Greek vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.Complete Elementary Greek 1.

Improve ciritical thinking and reasoning skills.Complete Critical Thinking Books 1 and 2 and the remaining portion of Building Thinking Skills Level 2.

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