Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 24: More than just snow

Jessie's 7th Grade

  • Jessie finished chapter 9 in Lials and is back to working with exponents in chapter 10. 
  • She's been steadily working on adverbs in R&S with a brief one day break to complete a book report.
  • In CE 2, she finished lesson 18 and began lesson 19 this week.  It's our last stem lesson!!
  • In CW, she looked up quotes related to the maxim "Haste makes waste." at the online Bartlett's site and using an online Bible concordance to write a testimony paragraph.
  • We began reading The History of the Kings of Britain by Monmouth and continued Winning His Spurs by Henty (which we are reading online) for Omnibus.  We're a little behind in the discussions, but should have no trouble catching up either over the weekend or the beginning of next week.
  • In LA1, she has been learning even more new uses for the ablative and accusative cases.  She worked more on the imperfect case in EG2.
  • We began our second Critical Thinking in US History book on Monday as part of logic and are roughly halfway through The Art of Argument.

Violet's 5th Grade
  • Violet finished her IP section on measurements and completed two review exercises in her textbook and workbook.
  • In R&S 5, she completed the chapter on adverbs.  She also scored a 95% on her spelling test.
  • In CW Poetry, we worked with rhyme scheme, iambic meter, and finding the main idea in each stanza.
  • She began reading Johnny Tremain for literature while also continuing with Little Lord Fauntleroy.
  • Her Latin continued with demonstrative pronouns focusing on ille, illa, illud this week.
  • Add in a bit of dictation and logic and that sums up her core school work for the week.
Benny's 2nd Grade
  • Benny focused on multiplying and dividing by 5 and 10 in Singapore and continued to work with place value in Miquon.
  • He completed his last lesson in SWO B and began SWO C on Thursday.  He also finished learning the last two letters of the cursive alphabet on Wednesday and began a quick review of all of the letters on Thursday to determine which if any need some additional work before we begin cursive copywork.  We're still working on verbs for FLL.
  • In literature, he finished reading Speare's The Sign of the Beaver on Friday.  We also finished our read-aloud, The Dragon of Lonely Island.  At Benny's request, we're reading another Boxcar children book next, The Mystery of the Lake Monster by Warner.  He's been devouring Tin-Tin books in his spare time.
  • Add in a bit of critical thinking and that sums up his core subjects for the week.

This week in history, we focused on people rather than events reading biographies of Phillis Wheatley, Patrick Henry, and Paul Revere.  Jessie read Phillis Wheatley:  America's First Black Poetess by Fuller, Patrick Henry: Firebrand of the Revolution by Campion, and Paul Revere and the Minute Men by Fisher.  Violet read Revolutionary Poet  A Story about Phillis Wheatley by Weidt, Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? by Fritz, and And Then What Happened Paul Revere by Fritz.  Benny and I read A Voice of Her Own by Lasky, A Picture Book of Patrick Henry by Adler, and A Picture Book of Paul Revere by Adler.  All three completed summaries or narrations on each topic.


Jessie finished off lesson 19 in BJU Life this week on animal behavior and scored a 94% on her test.

Violet learned about televisions and

 had some fun playing around with different combinations of red, blue, and green light.  (I had some fun playing with the low light settings on the camera to take the pictures.)
She also read about fax machines and computers.  Obviously our simulated fax machine did not have a very good resolution.  She also completed the unit vocabulary crossword and quiz.

Benny and I read about crabs, hermit crabs, shrimp, and barnacles this week.


Jessie's making progress with the countries of South America.  Violet managed to escape without doing any geography this week.  Benny is continuing to practice his state song and began learning the southeastern states on the map.
Violet completed a Monet inspired picture with watercolor pencils and blue watercolor paint.
Benny actually voluntarily did art this week on his own choosing to make a duck with watercolor pencils.

 Henry and I continued to work on the letters A-D this week, read lots of books, and acted out the rhyme "Little Miss Muffet".  He also decided to do his own art project of balloons.
Short of playing in the snow, his next favorite part of the week was the puppet show Jessie put on one day with his stuffed Pooh bear and friends.  I was actually amazed how much of the original story Jessie knew from memory.

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Hen Jen said...

puppet shows are always fun! I love pooh! Looks like you've had a fun and productive week :)