Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 23: Another Good Week

Jessie's 7th Grade

  • Jessie completed chapter 8 in Lials and moved on to chapter 9 covering various types of graphs.
  • In vocabulary, she completed lesson 17 and began lesson 18 of CE2.
  • In grammar, she completed the unit on adjectives and moved on to adverbs in R&S 7.
  • For CW, she continues to work through the theory portions of the 4th unit.  She practiced writing an example paragraph and learned about testimony paragraphs this week.
  • For Omnibus, we have finished Sayers' The Song of Roland for primary and began Henty's Winning His Spurs for secondary.
  • In Latin Alive 1, she worked on Latin cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers, completed another chapter reading, and began learning about partitive genitives in lesson 23. 
  • In EG2, she began working with the imperfect case of verbs.
  • We finished the first Critical Thinking in US history and began a new unit in Art of Argument.
Violet's 5th Grade

  • Violet began working on her IP section on decimals this week.
  • She scored another perfect spelling test in SWO G, worked with more adverbs in R&S, and talked me into letting her do dictation from the fourth Harry Potter book for the week.
  • For literature, she finished Yates' Amos Fortune, Free Man and began Johnny Tremain.  She also continued reading Burnett's Little Lord Fauntleroy.
  • In CW, she began her first week of Poetry for Beginners.  We talked about rhyme, rhythm, stanzas, etc. and she practiced imitating a nursery rhyme by substituting for the nouns and pronouns while keeping the rhyme and rhythm the same.
  • Violet worked on the demonstrative pronoun hic, haec, hoc in LfC B.  In BTS 2, she worked with Venn diagrams.  She also completed 2 more Mind Benders puzzles and another 6 pages of Think-a-Grams.

Benny's 2nd Grade

  • Benny continued multiplying and dividing by 4 this week in Singapore 2B while working with place value in Miquon Green.
  • He copied Proverbs 3:5-6 for copywork while also learning the cursive letters Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, and Xx.
  • In grammar, we continued working on verbs especially the helping verb list.
  • He's continuing to enjoy reading The Sign of the Beaver by Speare for phonics and listening to me read The Dragon of Lonely Island for literature.
  • In BTS 1, he's been grouping shapes based on similar characteristics of shape, size, or color; and his Mind Benders book is going very well.
In history this week, we covered the composers Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as the events leading up to and including the Boston Tea Party in America.  Jessie read The Life and Times of Franz Joseph Haydn by Zannos and The Life and Times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Bankston, outlined from Guerber's The Story of the Thirteen Colonies covering the Stamp Act and the Boston Massacre, read Phelan's The Story of the Boston Massacre for additional information, and summarized Oleksy's The Boston Tea Party.  Violet read Hadyn by Rachlin and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Venezia and then used the Guerber text for her remaining outline and summary.  Benny read the same two composer books as well as Mozart by Rachlin, a bit of SOTW 3, and The Boston Tea Party by Kroll.
Jessie learned about birds and mammals this week in BJU Life Science.  She examined a contour feather and down feather in our microscope

and scored a perfect 100% on her chapter test.
Violet began her final God's Design book on inventions and technology.  She studied Gutenburg and the printing press and had some fun with Jessie's letter stamps.  She deciphered some Morse code after learning about the telegraph, built a cup and string telephone, and learned about radios as well.
Benny and I have been reading about crutstaceans this week.  After covering some general information, we learned about lobsters, crayfish, and crabs.  He also made part of his clay animals from the last lesson, but after 3 sharks was ready for a break so we still have a ray or two to make next week.


Jessie has moved up to level 4 in her Latin American countries.  Violet took a break from the online game and labeled the states on a blank US map this week.  Benny has finished all of the states in his 50 states song.
Violet drew a sea turtle and colored it in with watercolor pictures this week.  Benny thought he did enough art for science.

We introduced the letter D and d this week as well as the number 3 and I finally pulled out the alphabet egg puzzles and counting frogs that Benny used.  We also had lots of fun with the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill" by acting it out each day running up the hill (across the room), falling down, and rolling back down (back across the room).  Henry selected a mixture of library books and books we own for reading together.
Henry also spent the whole week trying to avoid having his picture taken.  This was one of his attempts on Friday.

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Nice week. That is a beautiful sea turtle.