Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 12: A Little Crazy

Jessie's 7th Grade:
  • Jessie finished the first chapter in Lial's on integers and began reworking the comparable lessons in NEM1.
  • In CW, she began her writing assignment for unit 2.
  • She continues to make steady progress in CE2 and studied transitive verbs in R&S 7.
  • In Omnibus 2, we began reading The Ecclesiastical History of the English People by Bede but are still waiting for our secondary book, The Dragon and the Raven by Henty to be returned to the library even though it was due on the 15th.
  • Jessie completed the Unit 2 reading in LA1.  We played some Latin jeopardy on Thursday, and FlashDash online on Friday.  EG2 covered the declension of the word the.
  • Logic was also completed.
Violet's 5th Grade:
  • Violet continues to make steady progress through fractions in Singapore 5A.
  • She rewrote "The Face That Launches a Thousand Ships" by Guerber for CW Homer.
  • She completed a review chapter in spelling, finished the unit on verbs in R&S 5, and continued to reading Around the World in Eighty Days by Verne.
  • In LfC B, we worked on the accusative case prepositions.  I added Latin grammar cards to her regular memory verse to get more consistent review of the chants.
  • Logic was the regular combination of BTS 2, Mind Benders B2, and Think-a-Grams A1.
Benny's 2nd Grade
  • Benny is really enjoying reading Misty of Chincoteague by Henry and listening to The Book of Dragons by Nesbit for literature.
  • In math, we began working on multiplication and division in Singapore and on fractions in Miquon.
  • He successfully passed another spelling test, learned the definition of a sentence, and copied the definition for handwriting.

The girls read Johannes Vermeer by Venezia, Marquette and Joliet by Syme, and La Salle and the Exploration of the Mississippi by Harmon this week for summaries and completed an outline of the chapter on Louis XIV from SOTW 3.  They mapped France and the routes of the explorers.  Benny and I covered the SOTW chapter and its map work.  We've also started reading the Syme book, but it has taken longer than expected so we'll be finishing it up next week.


Jessie finished up chapter 10 on evolution this week and moved on to a new chapter on the kingdom Protista.  We managed to squeeze in a lab which we had previously skipped as well.  The bags behind Jessie each have 10 radish seeds that were subjected to 0-20 minutes of heat in the oven in 5 minute increments or 0-20 seconds of radiation in the microwave in 5 second intervals.  Rather than buy irradiated seeds, we followed the basic directions found here.  We haven't yet chosen an endpoint for out experiment.  We can either stop and write the results based on just germination or plant the seeds and look for other qualitative effects as well.

Violet learned about kinetic versus potential energy, the conservation of energy, and force this week.  In addition to rolling the golf ball at different speeds to knock over dominoes, she enjoyed shooting Benny's Nerf gun at a target and figuring out the energy conversion involved, investigating tensile strength by comparing thread to rope, and using our scale to measure the force of her weight versus her ability to push on the scale versus the weight of a book.

Benny got the week off from science.


In geography, the girls played their games as usual.  They also found some world maps from church that they had forgotten about and started coloring them in one evening.  DH began quizzing them on countries.  I was very glad to see how much they have learned despite our rather inconsistent efforts.  Benny and I keep plugging away with his state song and the midwestern state locations.

No music this week.  We'll spend some extra time on it next week instead.
In art, Violet drew a turkey this week.

 Henry had a great time sitting with her and playing with the different marker colors
and even doing a little drawing of his own.  (That's a jellyfish in the middle)

Henry and I read the dragon series from last week some more as well as Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss and Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do by Christelow.

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