Monday, November 14, 2011

Five Children and It by Nesbit, Book 23 of 52 in 52

Have you ever pondered what you would wish for given the opportunity to wish for anything?  What might happen if your wishes were granted for a day?  This is opportunity that is given to Cyril, Robert, Anthea, and Jane in E. Nesbit's Five Children and It when they discover a Psammead (or sand fairy) in the sand pit during their summer holiday.  The rather grumpy fellow agrees to grant them one wish every day with the understanding that their wish only lasts until sunset.  Each day brings a new wish and a new set of troubles for the children.

The story itself gets off to a slow start.  The author from time to time unnecessarily adds too many of her own opinions into the story; however, the story itself with its delightful premise wins out and is an excellent read aloud for grades 2-3 or independent read for grades 4+ for both boys and girls. 

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