Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You did what!

I finally allowed the kids to watch the second Harry Potter movie over the weekend while ABC Family was having another Harry Potter weekend.  I was sure Jessie and Benny would be fine with it.  Surprisingly, it didn't bother Violet at all either.  She really enjoyed it.  Apparently, however, there was one unforeseen downside.  Here's our conversation today:

V:  Mom, did I tell you I saw a really big spider in your office this morning?
Me:  What kind of spider?
V:  I don't know.  It was big with hairy legs.
Me:  Well, did you kill it?
V:  No, I thought it looked like Aragog, so I decided to name it Aragog the second.  Then it disappeared.
Me:  Next time please kill the spider first and name it later, or I won't let you watch that Harry Potter movie again.
V:  OK.

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