Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 38: Almost done...


Jessie completed her final unit in the IP book this week and began working on the end of the year review material in the textbook.  (Don't ask me why she like working on the floor.)

Violet quickly completed the IP section on symmetry and began a new textbook section on volume. 

Benny spent the week working on the IP section covering addition and subtraction within 100.


Jessie continues to plug through the final lessons of R&S 6 covering usage of a Bible concordance and dictionary, synonyms and antonyms, and sentence variety and word families.  She's looking forward to finishing next week.  We also plugged along with CE1, completing lesson 13 and covering most of lesson 14.  For literature, I gave her By Pike and Dike by Henty to begin read this week with the goal of finishing it next week.

Violet continues with regular copywork and dictation, completed her 34th spelling lesson (2 to go), and continued reading Swiss Family Robinson by Wyss.

Benny FINISHED Phonics Pathways!!!!  WooHoooo!!  His reader for the week was Nate the Great and the Missing Key by Sharmat .  He also completed his regular ETC, SWO A, and copywork.  We didn't make much progress on literature this week.  Benny kept disappearing outside after each rainstorm to go hunting for fishing worms.  Apparently he found an abundant supply because DH said something about sorting through the can and releasing a few into the garden.


Jessie finished lesson 29 in EG1 this week and worked on the review material in lesson 32 of LfC C.  Violet finished LfC A!!!!!


Jessie covered solids, liquids, gases, and gas laws this week.  I didn't get a lot of pictures.  (It's hard to get up when the thunderstorms keep waking the toddler up during the night.)  For solids she identified solids around the house.  For liquids she compared the viscosity of several different ones by watching the speed at which each moved down a slanted pan.

For gases, we compared the ability of a cold tennis ball and a room temperature tennis ball to bounce.  (The dog did not appreciate the ball's cold temperature when it was returned.)

We also compared the size of a balloon at room temperature

to the size of the balloon after 15 minutes in the freezer and measured a 2 inch difference.

For earth science, we did completed lesson 8 and the vocabulary crossword and quiz for unit 2.  There weren't any hands on activities for that particular lesson.  I'm planning to revise our schedule next week so we work on science before lunch to finish up for the year.


 Henry what have you been up to?
Apparently the space shuttle was the most delicious part of his birthday cake.
 He spent lots of time this week playing with new birthday presents,
and doing whatever his siblings told him not to do.  Although most of those results weren't nearly this cute.

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