Monday, March 14, 2011

Greenwitch - Book 8, 52 in 52

Greenwitch by Susan Cooper is the third book in "The Dark is Rising Sequence" of fantasy books. The grail has been stolen.  Great Uncle Merry again enlists the help of the three Drew children to come to Trewissick to help him find it.  He also enlists the aid of Will Stanton from book 2 to help figure out what the dark is up to, protect the Drew children, and recover not only the grail but the key to deciphering its writing.  While there, Jane is invited to witness the traditional making of the Greenwitch, a traditional image of leaves and branches made every spring at Trewissick for centuries.  Amid a myriad of twists and turns, the children search for the grail and its key.  In the end it comes down to the guidance of a dog and the goodwill of a child's wish to determine the outcome.
Greenwitch falls somewhere in between the first to book with respect to the more supernatural/fantasy elements.  Instead of the battle between light and dark being completely in the background or completely in the foreground, this book does an excellent job of shifting back and forth between the normal and the supernatural. I again thoroughly enjoyed it and handed it off to a delighted Jessie at bedtime.  By breakfast, she was already midway through the book.  I continue to recommend the series for ages 11 and up especially for those who enjoy a good fantasy read. Great book!

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