Friday, March 11, 2011

A ballad by Jessie

The Old Woman and the Physician

The woman asked the doctor wise
To bring her back her sight.
At offer of a rich reward,
He worked both day and night.

But, noticing the old lady
Had lots and lots of wealth,
He stole some every time he came
With quietness and stealth.

When blindness left the lady old,
The doctor asked for pay;
The lady saw her riches gone,
And put him off each day.

The doc took the lady before
A law-abiding court.
The lady then did hint at the
Thief doctor's real, true sport

She said that she would pay him
For brining her sight back,
But she didn't believe he had-
She couldn't see the sack

Of riches, beside all the chairs
And costly things she had.
She saw them ere her illness came
And knew the doctor bad!

1 comment:

Tina said...

My oh, are really rubbing my need to do a poetry unit in my house! That was great. Way to go, Jessie!