Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 9: First Quarter Down!!

It's been a crazy week with lots of extra projects going on around the house. We dropped a couple of school subjects for the week to give me some extra time. Overall, I'm still pleased with everything we did accomplish.


Jessie completed her review lessons in her textbook and workbook and began a new unit in percentages, which she did very well in.
Violet has been working with mixed numbers and improper fraction all week Either converting between the two or adding and subtracting them.

Benny has been adding and subtracting larger numbers this week. Most of the workbook exercises had pictures to solve the problems. The one exercise that didn't, we pulled out the cuisenaire rods to complete. He did manage to solve a few of the problems in his head with no help at all. In Miquon, we finished the section on addition and subtraction.


Jessie completed her spelling and grammar work for the week. (I have no idea what we covered.) She wrote a book report on The Fellowship of the Ring after we completed a story chart together on Monday. It's hand-written this time since I caught playing solitaire instead of working on the computer. I gave her the week off from CW because I didn't really have time to plan or figure out the level 8 work yet. For literature, she read The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow. We didn't complete a story chart yet because I have yet to finish the book. This time Mom has some homework to do over the weekend.
Violet completed lesson 7 in SWO F on her second try. In grammar, she worked mostly with nouns, but also completed a lesson on poetry. In addition to her regular copywork and dictation, she rewrote "The Lark and Her Young Ones" for CW Aesop, but we still need to edit and finalize it next week. She also finished reading Beorn the Proud for literature.
Benny continues to plug along with his phonics. In Phonics Pathways we covered multisyllable words. He also read a few more pages from Pyramid and completed another 10 pages in ETC (noting to me that he is almost finished with the first book). His copywork for the week was the 5th verse of Psalm 23. He finished memorizing "Caterpillar" by Rosetti, his first poem. We read all of The Sword in the Tree by Bulla, several more chapters in Little Pilgrim's Progress, and the first few chapters of Viking Adventure by Bulla.


This week in history, we covered knights, the break up of Charlemagne's empire, and the Viking attacks and settlement of Normandy.
Jessie summarized the events after the death of Charlemagne and outlined the chapter in The Story of the Middle Ages about the Viking raids.
She also read Life in the Middle Ages by Williams and Medieval Knights by Nicolle. She took the information that she learned and wrote one paragraph on feudalism plus a 3 paragraph essay on knights with paragraph covering the steps to becoming a knight, the knight's role in society, and the code of chivalry.
Violet, Benny, and I read the first half of SOTW 17 on knights, The Making of a Knight by O'Brien, Knights in Shining Armor by Gibbons, and A Tournament of Knights by Lasker. Each gave a narration on knights and colored in a coloring page I found online. For Vikings, we read about the Viking invasion of France in SOTW chapter 14 as well as a story about Thor. We read portions of Vikings by Petty and East O' the Sun and West O' the Moon by Lynch.
For hands on, they put together their own paper knight. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Benny's.
Everyone including Jessie took a turn at an online activity where you put a knight in his armor and then label the different pieces.Both wanted to make shields out of poster board, and Benny and I made a simple helmet for him. Their Viking related activity was to write their names in runes using the alphabet I found online.


In anatomy this week, Jessie finished the chapter on the respiratory system, completed her crossword, and did very well on her test.
She also began a new chapter on the heart and filled in a diagram of the blood flow in the circulatory system from The Body Book.
Her experiment for the week was to compared the amount of air in a normal expiration versus a forced expiration by measuring the amount of water that she displaced. Not counting the water she splashed on her face our end results were 1/4 cup versus 1 cup.

We took the week off from astronomy so I could focus on other projects in the afternoons this week.


DH had the week off, and Henry spent a lot of time following him around. While DH was waxing his truck, Henry plays inside. While there, he reaches over and turns off the radio.
Then he returns to driving. When DH asks why he turned the radio off, he was told, "There's no music in race cars."
In addition to playing, he wanted to help with the work as well so DH let him sweep off one of our tarps.


Robyn said...

Wow, you had a great week! Love the "no music in race cars!" We let our little one play in the car once... he ended up backing it down the driveway and almost into the neighbor's car! (We learned our gear shift did not lock as it was supposed to!) :-0

Lisa said...

My kids loved the Vikings. Quite the cute little racecar driver there.

Mrs. Brooke said...

No music in race cars...too cute! I love kids' minds.

Gifts for Girls Academy said...

It looks like you had a great week!
I like the online activity with the knight. I think my girls would have fun with that too.