Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 8 part 2: Henry has his own ideas

Henry's Corner Henry started off the week with a sorting challenge
and managed to successfully put the cups back together several times on his own.

Then I suggested that he and Violet built a tent to play in. It started off well...

until Henry decided that he and Pooh bear would jump on top of it.

They (Henry and Pooh) surveyed the damage and waited for Violet to rebuild the tent so they could jump again.

The next time I checked on them, I found this. Apparently Henry got bored and thought it would be a good day to learn to undress himself.

Another day he decided that Mom's ideas were boring. He chose instead to practice opening the basement door with the rope

and then closing it again
all the way so it would latch. Then he would start all over again. I'd say that easily lasted 30 minutes. Some weeks you just have to go with the flow. As long as it's not destructive, no one is hurt, and the mess isn't too bad, I can live with that. Self-entertainment is a good thing.

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Robyn said...

At least Henry didn't go so far as taking the diaper off! ;-) Looks like a good week! I'm interested in your Greek. My ds would like to take Greek eventually. I'm going to put him off though until we get more Latin under our belt and start Spanish.