Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 7, part 2: Keeping a Toddler Busy

Henry's Corner

One of the most challenging aspects of homeschooling is keeping Henry occupied. Around here everyone pitches in to help. This week he...enjoyed looking at pictures while Jessie was reading for history,

played with his camel cracker

until he made it jump into his mouth,

loved playing with some dry rice, (one minute of sweeping is definitely worth 30 minutes of entertainment),
practiced his demolition skills,

did some strength training exercises with Benny,
and dropped some marbles in a cup (which eventually turned into rolling them all over the floor so I actually recommend clothespins for this activity instead.)


Laurie said...

Love it!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Fun stuff! I'm going to need these ideas baby is toddling!
Lee (5wolfcubs)

Mandy in TN said...

I love all the Islam/ Arab stuff especially the desert cake complete with animal cracker camels!