Sunday, September 5, 2010

But Mom...

A conversation from Friday afternoon...

J: Another story chart!?! But that means I have to do another book report next week. At this rate I'll be doing a book report every week.

M: Not every week. Some of the books will take longer than others. Actually next week, I have you scheduled to read 3 books.


M: Yes three. Actually they'll cover both history and literature.

J: (look of complete confusion)

M: Now let's see. What could we possibly be covering next week that would qualify as both history and literature.

J: (confused look continues)

M: Could it be King Arthur? Unless of course you don't want to read the whole King Arthur trilogy.

J: KING ARTHUR!?! REALLY!?! (huge grin spreads across her face)

and so peace is restored, and Mom gets a good chuckle. (Those expressions were priceless!)

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