Friday, May 21, 2010

Weeks 36 & 37: Squeezing in what we could...

The last couple of weeks have positively flown by. We spent the first half of last week cleaning house and making sure that there wasn't anything left out for my 3yo niece and 18mo nephew to get into while they were here visiting. The second half of the week, my sister and her family were visiting. Then Henry had another cold at the beginning of this week, and I'm still trying to catch up on my lack of sleep. Needless to say what school was done was a bit scattered, and I didn't have a chance to get any pictures.


Jessie finished up the last section in the IP book last week and has spent this week working on reviews. She's completely finished with the textbook and workbook and has started the semester review in the IP book.

Violet finished up the unit on time in the textbook and workbook last week. This week I had her double up a few lessons so that she's finished the IP section on time and completed a couple of review exercises. I'd really like to finish math next week, but I'm sure two weeks would be more realistic.


Jessie and Violet both have one more week of CW left which we didn't get to the last two weeks. Jessie completed her spelling work for the year. I'm still having Violet do some handwriting.

Benny has had the last to weeks off completely, but we'll pick back up with his phonics next week and continue through the summer.


We didn't manage to get our notebooking or timelines done, but we did make a little progress over the past two weeks. In the OT, the girls have covered the last week of Jesus' life, his resurrection, ascension, and the start of the early church in Jerusalem. In ancient Rome, we covered the life of Julius Caesar last week. I know Violet did summaries of Pompey, Caesar, and Cicero. I think Jessie did a summary of Caesar and an outline. We also mapped out the early Roman empire with Jessie marking the locations of Caesar's various battles.


Jessie's been working very hard on the last lesson in LfC B. The mega crossword in the end of the activity book is enormous. Rather than cut out the pages, Jessie is just writing the words on a dry erase board and working through 1 or 2 columns of clues each day. She should be finished next week.


Henry had a blast playing with his cousin. They're not really at the age to play together, but they played side by side. When one would head off to a different room looking for something new, the other generally followed within a few minutes. Once he started feeling better this week, he's been getting into mischief for the sole purpose of getting the attention of one of his siblings to play with him.


Amy said...

Sounds like you all accomplished a lot this week! :-)

Moonbeam said...

I'm envious of your time with family. Those days are so precious. I'm glad your family was able to enjoy them. Another benefit of homeschooling!

MissMOE said...

Cousin time is important time. sounds like you fit quick a lot considering all the distractions.

Monica said...

Sounds like a good week! How did you like TQ this year? That's one of the programs I've been looking at.