Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 38: Almost wrapped up

It was a light week as we try to wrap up our remaining subjects for the year. Here's a recap.


Jessie spent three day this week doing the end of semester review in the IP book. She is now officially done with math for the year. YEAH!!

Violet completed the unit on angles in the textbook and workbook as well as the IP. On Friday, she started the final section in the textbook and workbook on area. I'd love for her to finish up next week. We'll have to see how it goes.

Benny got the week off from math. He's at a point in Singapore where is is struggling. We may try to do some more Miquon next week, but overall I feel really good about what he has accomplished this year getting as far into the books as he has.


The only work Jessie had this week was the last two weeks of CW Poetry for Beginners. We analyzed meter, discussed the terza rima tercet used by Dante, and wrote a couple of poems as well. Here's her two stanza poem using terza rima.

My little brother learns from watching me.
He tries to copy everything I say
With words like Dad, Mommy, day, shoes, and tree.

And when I've left my bunk during the day,
He climbs into my bed and calls for me,
So that I'll bring him down a different way.

Violet likewise finished up her last lesson in CW Aesop this week. She analyzed and rewrote Alexander and Bucephalus, but we didn't take time to do a final draft this time.

Benny spent a lot of time listening to books on tape this week. Since we're going to continue Phonics over the summer, I didn't figure it would hurt to have a week off.


History was our main focus this week. We did catch up with our notebooking finally. In Biblical history, we started the book of Acts. I let Jessie make a timeline for the first 8 chapters, while Violet continues to do summaries.

Jessie covered the beginning of the Roman empire with Augustus and Tiberius. She also began reading Trial and Triumph and made summaries of the first two chapters.Violet read about Augustus and Cleopatra. Both completed a map showing how the empire was divided between between Octavius and Antony for a while.


Jessie finished up the last of the LfC B Activity book. So Latin is finished for the year as well. Hopefully, I can put together a light summer schedule over the weekend to help finish off the last of our subjects from this year (mainly history and science) with a bit of review (math facts, Latin chants and vocab., etc) and still have plenty of time to work on more practical skills like swimming and new chores.

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