Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trying something new...

After my original plans to use Exploring Creation Through Anatomy for science next semester fell through when they pushed back the release date to the end of February, I took a few days to take stock of what science I have covered with Jessie and what I have not. I was bit disheartening to see the list, but I know at the time we did what we could manage.

1st grade - lots of animals using an animal encyclopedia and apparently read several library books on the human body (of which neither I nor Jessie have any memory because by that point in the year I gave up on lapbooking and we didn't do hands on.) I don't think we ever got around to botany that year.

2nd grade - We covered astronomy. I remember doing the planets. I know we started on the constellations, but at some point science fell by the wayside that year. At this point I decided that science a la TWTM was not working for us, and I was unable to put it together on my own with library books whether or not I had a spine.

3rd grade - Apparently we didn't get around to science until January when we started Exploring Creation With Zoology 1. ( I have a feeling we tried the botany book and didn't get very far in the fall before deciding it was too much for my then 1st grader.)

4th grade - finished Exploring Creation With Zoology 1 and completed Exploring Creation With Zoology 2

5th - so far almost completed Exploring Creation With Botany

She's definitely done enough zoology and botany and has a good memory of what we did cover in astronomy. That leaves chemistry, physics, earth science, and anatomy (since neither of us remembers it). If we go the Apologia route for middle school, the General Science and Physical Science books cover the latter three topics. I also looked at the BJU science sequence and didn't see any chemistry topics in middle school. By process of elimination, I've decided we're going to do a semester of chemistry starting in January. (I also happen to love chemistry, so I'm sure we can have some fun with it.) I'll post about which program I've decided on and my reasons behind it next week.

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