Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Great Buy!!

On Friday when we did our notebooking pages for history, I realized that apparently we have already used up the entire supply of gluesticks that I had bought back in August for the year. I was a bit annoyed at the thought of having to pay full price for gluesticks (and by the fact that I had grossly miscalculated the number we needed when they were on sale), but I consoled myself with the fact that I least I had a $13 Staples' Reward check that I had just received in the mail a couple of days earlier.

Fast forward to this morning...

We stopped at Staples on the way home from church and found a clearance bin with the large Elmer's gluesticks for 50 cents each. In the end we came home with 18 gluesticks, 1 regular washable glue bottle, a new index card box to replace Violet's broken one, and two 2-pocket folders that are hole punched for my binder (also on clearance) so I can start keeping the girls papers in my binder instead of saying go look on the printer. ;)

The total out of pocket expense $1.13 which is about a 98% savings off of regular prices.

Since I was neither expecting the rewards check earlier in the week nor the clearance bin of gluesticks at the store today, I can only humbly say thank you to the Lord for providing both to meet our needs.

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