Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another change of plans??

So my original plans for science this year were to finish the Apologia Botany book by the end of the year and begin the new Anatomy book in January. That is until yesterday when I read the following update from the author on the Yahoo group:

" ...After completing the Anatomy book, my plans were to have it in your
hands to begin at the start of next semester. That was your plan as
well! Yet, God has a better plan.

Apologia’s new owners, Davis and Rachael Carman, are committed to
improving the Elementary series for homeschoolers. (Which is why they
asked me to create the Notebooking Journals). Because of their desire
to see these books become the best they can be, they are going to be
redesigning each book to make it more visually appealing, exciting and
beautiful to increase your child’s enjoyment of the series. All this
will begin with the Anatomy book.

Because the book is being reformatted by the designer, it will delay
publication by a couple of months. Thus, the book will be in print at
the end of February.

Because so many of you are awaiting its release, we will be making a
couple of lessons available for you to use before the publication.
This will enable you to begin the book as planned, while you wait for
the hard copy to arrive.

The good news is that I have seen a lesson done with the new design.
Wow! It truly enhances the book! If it weren't so great, I would be
very disturbed about this delay. But, I'm convinced that the redesign
will make the book even more fun and readable. Let me assure you that
it will be worth the wait...."

First it was projected summer 2009. Then hopefully fall 2009. Then officially January 2010, and now the end of February 2010. Argh!! I may understand later when I see the book, but right now I'm frustrated. Maybe this would be a good time to reevaluate my science plans with a longer term perspective than next semester. (On second thought, I'd better finishing getting ready to start ancient Greece next week first. One step at a time..)

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