Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sometimes she makes me laugh...

Jessie's book report for God King. For the record, I wasn't very specific about the last paragraph. I just told her to write a few sentences about what she liked or didn't like about the book.

The God King begins with Taharka, an Egyptian prince. While a young boy, he goes out hunting crocodiles. When the boatman falls into the water and the crocodile attacks him, Taharka kills the crocodile and binds up the wound, using the cloth that was his clothing, which was against the tabu. When he arrived home he was chosen to be Pharaoh by his father instead of Shabataka, who Taharka thinks should have been Pharaoh. Taharka goes to Thebes to marry the High Priestess Shepnuset. Three days before the wedding he learns of a plot to kill him and runs away with Amos, a man from Jerusalem. They go toward Jerusalem and are captured by the Assyrians, whom they escape from later. The day after they escape, the Assyrians leave because there is plague in their camp and they are all dying like flies. Taharka and Amos go to the camp of Shabataka (whom, it turns out, was the one that wanted to kill him). The boatman whom Taharka had saved so long ago (see fourth sentence) remembers him. Taharka becomes Pharaoh and exiles Shabataka after warning him that if he returns he will be killed. Taharka rides around camp in his chariot and is proclaimed Pharaoh. He looks forward to seeing the Priestess (whom he is in love with) again.

(Say what you may, I don’t like this book. I think it is a little to bloody. But then, that is just my opinion. Oh, and I would not recommend this book for child reading until sixth grade. And mom, you can laugh as much as you want to at this paragraph. I think it is a little on the humorous side myself, but I don’t care because it is MY book report. All my own, and I wrote it on my own. So there!)

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Paige said...

I love the last paragraph!