Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logic Stage History - the Outline

This is actually only our second week of outlining for history, but Jessie is doing extremely well. Here is her outline from this week completely independently.

Early Empires
1. Sargon was the king of Akkad, but he wanted to rule Sumer too.
2. Soon he had conquered a lot of land.
3. But war struggles continued until, a few hundred years later, Ur conquered both Akkad and Sumer.
4. For a while, the empire prospered.
5. Then the Amorites entered the country, and it started to become divided.
6. Finally, Elam demolished Ur.

I had forgotten that we had done similar outlines with some of the longer CW Aesop assignments where I thought the keyword outlines would be too cumbersome. Last week when we did the first outline, I gave her an example using the first paragraph on the page. She nodded and said, "OK. Like we did with CW." Now I'm wondering what to do. Should we go ahead and start working on two level outlines? Should I be happy that the outlining is easy and focus more on researching skills?

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