Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy first day of fall!

My kids reminded me that today is the first official day of fall.

Benny wants to go out and make a leaf pile. There just aren't that many leaves down yet around here.

I spent part of the morning unpinning fall and winter clothes from our local consignment sale and sorting them to start washing tomorrow.I still need to dig into boxes and have the girls try on some clothes.

Jessie and Violet are begging me to get a pumpkin to carve. I'm hoping they'll settle for making pumpkin bread with me instead. We have some home canned pumpkin that needs to be used up.

I've also been thinking about going apple picking, but with DH working last weekend and the next two upcoming weekends I haven't come up with a safe way to keep Henry from tumbling down the hill while we pick. We could try picking a few up around the barn where it's more level, but those have probably already been picked over. Maybe I'll be lazy, and we'll just go buy one or two of the bushel boxes on Sunday after church for a change.

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