Monday, October 14, 2013

Weeks 8 & 9 Upper:

GEOMETRY: Jessie has spent the past two weeks of geometry working with triangles covering types of triangles, proving triangles to be congruent, and drawing angles and triangles with a straight edge and compass. She also finished the review work for the chapter and will take the chapter test on Monday.

ENGLISH: She completed and test for chapter 3 of R&S and completed three lessons in outlining as well as another editing sheet in chapter 4. In CW Herodotus, she finished chapter 2 on judicial rhetoric and began chapter 3 on the canon of invention. She also filled out the plot section of a TTC story chart on Doyle's Lost World for literature and completed two more weeks of vocabulary.

GREAT BOOKS: She completed The Iliad as well as the remaining Vandiver lectures and had a week off from her great books course.

SPANISH: Chapters 6 and 7 of BJU Spanish covered uses of ser and estar, personal pronouns, the plural forms of estar, adjectives, and vocabulary relating to clothing accessories, materials, and places around town.

LATIN: She completed chapter 22, took quizzes on demonstrative and personal pronouns, and reviewed relative and interrogative pronouns.

HISTORY: She listened and took notes on her 4th "Foundations of Western Civilization" lecture, read about the Hebrews and Phoenicians in Spielvogel, and covered the Bharata War, the Davidic kingdom, and the Assyrian empires in Bauer's History of the Ancient World.

SCIENCE: We are making slow progress. She completed chapter 4 on additional cellular processes and the accompanying test. We're going to do a lump lab day at the end of the month to catch that portion up as well.

MUSIC APPRECIATION: We found 3 Palestrina CDs to round out her study of the music of the Middle Ages, and she covered the first two lectures relating to the Baroque period.

Violet's 7th Grade
MATH: Violet completed the third chapter of Lial's covering fractions and began the 4th chapter containing more word problems.

LOGIC: She's made steady progress in her Building Thinking Skills, but we need to do some catch up in her Art of Argument lessons.

LANGUAGE ARTS: She completed through the 11th chapter of Caesar's English 1 and had a couple of weeks off from literature. Her grammar has been mostly focused on substantives and noun clauses, and in CW she completed her second section and moved onto the third.

LANGUAGES: Chapter 9 and unit 2 reading and test were completed in Latin, and chapters 8 and 9 were completed in Greek.

HISTORY: She's been steadily working her way through Ancient Egypt using The Pharaoh's of Ancient Egypt by Payne and Usborne's Encyclopedia of the Ancient World to cover the span of time from Hatshepsup to King Tut. The only additional book over these two weeks was In Search of Tutankhamun by Caselli. For written work she outlined 4 pages of the encyclopedia, wrote paragraph summaries of the pharaohs, and filled in a chart of everyday life.

SCIENCE: She finished chapter 7 and began chapter 8.

FINE ARTS: Her last two art projects are in the Thursday post, and she continues to work through her instrument book at her own pace.

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