Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 26: A Snowy Week

It's been a wacky week with the snow fall knocking out power for two and a half days.  I was very glad that DH got up at 3:30 on Tuesday morning to set up the portable generator and get the wood stove going before leaving for work.  It was great to have running water and partial power at least.  Somehow we managed to finish the bulk of our school work and still get all the kids time out in the snow.

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • This week in algebra Jessie used her factoring skills to work on combining fractions containing polynomials either by finding the LCD in order to add or subtract the fractional expressions or factoring and multiplying and dividing. There really weren't any new skills just new ways to utilize skills that she had already learned.
  • In grammar, she finished up everything except the test for the unit on adjectives and wrote a 3 stanza poem.  In vocabulary, we finally reached the portion of the book where instead of learning roots, we are applying those roots to learn actual words, which actually makes learning 25 new words much easier than I expected.  
  • She continued reading A Tale of Two Cities and The Coral Island for literature.  In CW, she worked again on a timed essay, and we discussed the results.  I would say overall she improving, but I think we still have some work to do.
  • For Latin, she worked with different types of sentences (transitive, intransitive, special intransitive, and passive), compound sentences with two independent clauses, and complex sentences containing dependent clauses.  She also completed lesson 23 in Greek covering  nouns with both alpha and eta endings in the singular form.
Violet's 6th Grade
  • Violet spent the week in math working on review exercises in the textbook and workbook. Her CWP problems involved working with fractions.
  • In grammar, she began the section on adjectives by reviewing limiting versus descriptive adjectives.  She also covered predicate adjectives and adjectives in the appositive position.  In spelling, she had a bunch of words ending in -ity.
  • She worked with metaphors in CW poetry and also wrote a short ballad.  Her literature selection, Big Red, seems to be going well.
  • Latin was a review of 1st and 2nd person personal pronouns, while in Greek she continue to work with first declension nouns.
Benny's 3rd Grade
  • Benny finished up his textbook section on length after covering yards, feet, and inches and moved on to the corresponding IP section.   He also completed some Miquon and CWP pages whose topics escape me at the moment.
  • We continued working on adverbs in grammar and did some sentence diagramming.  He narrated "The Milkmaid and Her Pail" for CW and completed his regular copywork and dictation. 
  • He is still enjoying the escapades of the hamster in I, Houdini for his independent read.  We finished The Children of Green Known by Boston for our read aloud.  His spelling unit consisted of words that needed the final silent e dropped before adding an ending.


We finished up inventors of the last 19th and early 20th centuries this week.  Monday the girls summarized Marie Curie by Fisher, and Benny watched an animated video of Curie.  Tuesday, we covered Thomas Edison using Thomas Edison by Middleton for the girls and A Picture of Thomas Edison by Adler for Benny.  Wednesday, the girls read Here a Plant, There a Plant by Quackenbush on Burbank and The Story of Seward's Folly by Clinton.  Benny was supposed to watch a video on Pasteur, but we had only limited generator power so he spent the afternoon playing in the snow instead.  Thursday we covered the Suez Canal with SOTW 4 and the Panama Canal with The Panama Canal by Mann.


Jessie is working on finishing her notes for chapter 6 of BJU as I'm typing.  Her being behind is partly my fault this week, since I asked her to take Henry out to play in the snow a couple of days.

Violet and Benny learned about suspensions, what a saturated solution is, and how different types of solutions are affected by temperature and pressure.


For art, see the previous post.

Henry decided to have another dragon week since all four of the dragon books by M. P. Robertson were available at the library.  We did reviews of letters and numbers, and I began teaching him to write his name by stamping the letters on his drawing board with our letter magnets and then having him trace.  DH was impressed last night when he wrote the uppercase letters A-G on the board for fun, so I guess we'll focus on more writing next week. 

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