Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week 19: Very Slowly

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • Jessie completed chapter 8 in Foerster's algebra this week covering topics related to probability. Friday she began chapter 9 reviewing prime numbers and exponents.
  • Much of her grammar this week focused on the active versus the passive voice of verbs.  In CW, she worked on moving clauses around in sentences, but also has some lessons to catch up on over the weekend.  She completed her regular vocabulary.  We discussed Pride and Prejudice during dinner on Monday, and she is currently working on a paper.  We also decided to scrap The Count of Monte Cristo for now and move on to another work.
  • In Latin, she completed chapter 12 covering the imperfect and future tense of active, indicative verbs; translated the chapter reading, and took her chapter quiz before moving on to the vocabulary in chapter 13.  She also completed chapter 17 in EG3.
Violet's 6th Grade
  • Violet spent the week working on division involving fractions. As long as she wrote out the step where the sign changes to multiplication and the second term is flipped, she did very well.
  • She finished reading The Phantom Tollbooth by Juster on Friday.  Grammar covered friendly letters, business letters, demonstrative pronouns, and differentiating pronouns functioning as adjectives from those functioning as nouns.  She again did very well on her spelling unit.  Her CW model for the week was "The Tailor of Gloucester".  I had her use her history essay on Victoria to edit for the writing project.
  • In Latin, she learned how to form questions, to conjugate possum in the present tense, and to recognize complementary infinitives.  For EG1, she learned to decline neuter nouns in the second declension.
Benny's 3rd Grade
  • Benny spent most of his math time working on place value in Miquon and money related math in CWP and Singapore.
  • We worked on recognizing helping verbs and verb phrases for grammar.  He completed another spelling lesson, used the first stanza of the Blake poem about tigers for copywork, and analyzed "Mercury and the Woodman" for CW.  For dictation, we focused on sentences with possessive nouns as well as some direct quotations.  He began reading Pinocchio independently and continued The Black Cauldron as a read aloud.  For practice reading aloud, we began working in the McGuffy 3rd Grade Reader this week.

Our history studies for the week focused on Victorian England.  The girls read Growing Up in Victorian Britain by Ferguson for some cultural background, ten chapter of Our Island Story covering the main events of that time, and Florence Nightingale, war nurse by Colver.  The completed summaries of the latter two.  Benny and I read the first chapter of SOTW 4 as well as the section on the Crimean War this week.  We also read A Picture Book of Florence Nightingale by Adler.  Everyone completed a map of the British empire during the time period.


Jessie has yet to get to science again this week, but Violet, Benny, and I started back up.
We discussed the English and metric systems and measured the living room with a meter stick,
read about mass and weight and made our own balance.  We also learned about volume and conservation of mass as well, but opted not to complete the activities for those lessons.


For art, see the previous post.


Henry is having a great time with his magnetic calendar.  At his request we read a Larryboy chapter book this week (but the title escapes me at the moment).  He also did some very colorful watercolor as you can see. 

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