Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Session: Week 1 Report

It's officially summer here, so we're down to just a few subjects.  In the language arts area, I'm working with the girls this summer on their cursive.  Although they have both been taught cursive previously, neither have been using it consistently so they both have to stop and think about how to form certain letters.  I want it to become automatic.  Benny continues to read a book to me each day.  For math, Jessie is finishing up some CWP problems.  Benny still has a little bit of 1B left, and all three are doing some math drill.
Jessie did several lessons in food related chemistry this week.
For the lesson on flavor, she cooked up some chocolate pudding.
We also made chocolate chip cookies with and without baking soda to compare.  Henry thought both were delicious.
In weather and water, we learned about tornados and had a great time forming funnels of water
 even well beyond the normal science time.
 Even Henry had a try.  We also learned about hurricanes.  The girls completed the review crosswords and quizzes for unit 4, and we began discussing weather instruments on Friday.
Since Jessie hated the assignment from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain last week, I decided to take a different approach this week.  I gave her a picture of a butterfly from a book and asked her to focus on drawing one line at a time just like last week's upside down drawing.  She worked really hard and even decided to go back and shade everything in as well.  The best part is that she was proud of her results.
 Violet and Benny did the lion drawing from Drawing with Children.  We also worked a little on geography, but didn't add any new states this week.
Henry seems to be in another growth spurt because every time I turned around he was raiding the kitchen for snacks.

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