Monday, August 16, 2010

Our First School Day

There is still prep work to be done. Literature selections to be made, and a room rescue needed for poor Henry's room which has been buried in curriculum, papers, and library books for two months now. Still, I decided we're going to get started with what we have. If I waited until everything is perfectly ready, then we would probably never start.

How did it go?

I personally got off to a slow start. Sleeping on the sofa with a wiggly Henry (with a stuffy nose) is not conducive to getting up early. I did manage to get Benny's Bible reading in before Curious George. Violet was off and running, asking for subjects before it was time for them. Jessie managed to get to her science book by 7:30 with a little prodding, but I don't think her brain actually engage until 8:30 or so. Luckily for Jessie and me, I decided to wait a week to start history and literature because we didn't have all of the library books for history, and I hadn't even decided what books to start Violet and Benny on for literature. So we used history time to catch up. (Jessie finished science and math, while I ran to town and got the girls' astronomy notebooks spiral bound and picked up a few items that got missed when the weekend shopping lists were made.) After lunch, I did not succeed in getting Henry to sleep for his nap. (He woke up every single time I tried to leave the room and shut the door.) I finally gave up, and we did science around 2. We got ready to go to the lake for a couple hours just in time for the sky to darken and the thunder to start. Oh, well. Some days are like that. We'll try for the lake again tomorrow.

It wasn't a perfect school day (Do those actually exist?), but it wasn't a total loss either. We got all the school work done. Most of the schedule was followed in order. We'll try again tomorrow and do the best we can. In the end, that's really all I can ask for anyway.

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