Thursday, July 29, 2010

Planning Progress

Every year I try to get as much planning done before school as possible. Usually by now I have all the core subjects planned and am at least halfway through history and science. Sadly this year I'm nowhere close to my normal level. I don't even have all of my curriculum for the year yet due to a few last minute changes in plan. Here's where I am currently:

  • Jessie's schedule is completed and printed. (8/4)
  • Violet's schedule is completed awaiting printing. (printed 8/6, not creating CWP schedule so we can review adjust pace as needed)
  • Benny's schedule is still tbd.

Language Arts:
  • Jessie's schedule for grammar and spelling are completed and printed.
  • Jessie's literature list and schedule for Homer still to be completed. (Homer completed 8/3, models printed 8/8)
  • Violet's schedule for grammar completed awaiting printing. (printed 8/6)
  • Violet's spelling schedule, literature list, and Aesop plans are still to be completed. (spelling completed/printed 8/6; Aesop completed/printed 8/8)
  • For Benny, I still need a read-aloud list and am awaiting the arrival of his Explode the Code workbooks. I'm not worried about lesson plans for phonics or handwriting.

Foreign Language:
  • Jessie's schedule for Latin and Greek both still needs to be completed. (8/3)
  • Need to create tests for Jessie's Latin curriculum. )completed and printed 8/8)
  • For Violet, I need to print out my LFC A schedule as a base although we may alter it and take more than one week for lessons if needed. (printed 8/6)
  • Need to print tests and extra worksheets for LFC A. (printed 8/8)

  • Jessie's schedule for Critical Thinking Book 1 is completed and printed. (8/3)
  • Violet's schedule for Building Thinking Skills 2 and the MindBenders A series needs printing. (printed 8/6)
  • For Benny, I need to figure out what we accomplished last year and which books we want to use this year from our shelves. (Found stopping places.) 8/4

  • I have an overall rough list of topics to cover each week for TruthQuest Middle Ages. Still need to complete a rough list for the Renaissance guide and check availability of library resources.
  • For Jessie, I have the first week started and have read some additional books for later weeks, but I still have a long way to go. (2 weeks planned, 3rd week started 8/4)
  • For Violet and Benny, I have 6 weeks of lessons with additional reading and activities scheduled. I need to copy maps and coloring pages yet, and schedule the remaining weeks. (8 weeks planned and list of activities pages to scan written. 8/4)

  • For Jessie, I have schedule Apologia anatomy through lesson 5 and created vocabulary crosswords for lessons 1-4. I still need to make tests and complete plans for the remaining lessons.
  • For all the kids, I have a schedule for God's Design Our Universe with correlated activities. I've typed up all of the questions, a few lab speculations sheets, and added a few diagrams to make a notebook for the girls. I've created and printed out booklets to complete a lapbook for Benny. I have a rough list of which constellations to study each month and have started creating some constellation cards. That leaves astronomy almost finished. I'm going to see how the first few weeks go (particularly with Benny and the lapbook) before I start making plans for the next book in the series.

Music and Art:
  • No planning done here yet.

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