Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 28: Finishing in Record Time

This wasn't a normal week for us. I asked the girls on Monday to try to finish as much of their work as possible by Thursday so we could shop at a consignment sale on Friday morning. They put in some long days without complaint, and we've managed to finish the bulk of our work with just a couple of loose ends left to tie up.


Jessie spent the whole week averaging different sets of numbers, taking an average and determining the total, and working related word problems. Several of the lessons were short, so she used the extra time to work ahead in other areas to have Friday mostly off.

Violet completed the weight section in her Singapore 3B textbook and workbook and has moved on to the corresponding section in the IP. Her Miquon work continues to deal with graphing which she is breezing through quickly each day.

Benny did an excellent job in math this week. His Singapore book had him adding single digit numbers with sums over 10 by making 10 with pictures. His Miquon book continues to combine adding and multiplication on the same page.


Jessie mastered another spelling lesson and completed her regular grammar work. (I know I taught her the lessons, but I don't remember any of them.) In CW, she completed the analysis for "The Wooden Horse" and has her rough draft done. (She was excited that her rough draft was a condensed narration this time.) We still need to finish editing and making corrections when she gets up from a nap. (I hope she's just tired from waking up extra early this morning for no apparent reason.) In literature she's slowly making her way through Robinson Crusoe at a rate of about 15 pages a day.

Violet and I are still doing some spelling review. We're going back through the SWO D lists for the most part. I've also started quizzing her on how to spell words that she spells incorrectly in her narrations. It would seem that most of her spelling problems stem from a lack of concentration rather than an actual inability to spell the words since she can correctly spell most of the words I pull from her narration when prompted. Her handwriting is still from the same scene in The Secret Garden. I didn't get a chance to try out dictation this week in place of copywork. Hopefully, I'll remember next week. She completed her rough draft of "The Milkmaid and Her Pail", but we still need to edit it together. She also continue to read The Children's Homer and is on the second half covering Odysseus.

Benny has done very well with his phonics this week. It's been all review of long vowel words. His handwriting was his Bible verse from church. We did mostly Bible reading this week to get him caught back up to Violet, but did squeeze in a few more chapters of Charlotte's Web.


This week in the Old Testament, we covered the events through the story of Esther. Jessie wrote summaries of Ezra and Esther and completed maps showing the Babylonian empire and the route of the exiles and a second with the Cyrus' empire and the route of Ezra and Nehemiah. She also put together last weeks page on Daniel. Violet read about Ezra and Esther and completed the same maps (although she didn't add the route to one). She put all of her narrations from the last two weeks together for her notebook. To the timeline, we added the exile of Judah, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and Belshazzar.

This week in ancient Greece was all about Alexander the Great. One more week and it will be time to move on to Rome. Both girls completed maps of Alexander's empire and added their Bucephalus drawings from the other week. Jessie had one summary of Alexander's early life from two weeks ago. This weeks summary contains one paragraph discussing Alexander's accomplishments and a second describing his character. Violet completed one summary of Alexander based on the chapter in Famous Men of Greece. Of course, Alexander also went on the timeline.

Not a great week science wise. We did complete to lessons covering indicators and acids. We still need to complete the hands on for those lessons. (I forgot to buy a purple cabbage to use as an indicator.)

Jessie has completed lesson 24 in LfC B. This should be our last week on demonstratives. Violet completed lesson 5 and started on lesson 6. She is just starting the 2nd declension. We did our logic.


Henry has been much more manageable than last week when I was distracted. We had time to read together and snuggle. The picture below is from Friday morning. I called to the kids to get their shoes on so we could get in the van, and Henry disappeared. A few minutes later he was back sporting Benny's outgrown boots. He thought he was ready to go and was quite proud of himself. I, naturally, insisted we get him dressed first.


Daisy said...

Wow, your children managed to get in incredible amount of work accomplished in four day. Hooray for motivated children. Hope you are having fun today.

Your youngest is too sweet in that last picture.

Moonbeam said...

Love the boots and pajamas! Y'all had a busy and productive week.

cyn said...

I love being able to move through a weeks worth of work in 4 days when needed. Nothing better than freeing up a day to head to a sale!

Amy said...

What a busy week! They got so much accomplished! Hope you had a nice time at the sale and a good relaxing weekend. Love the jammies and boots!