Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week 16: Short and light

We had a three day school week here. The kids wanted to watch the Macy's parade on Thursday. I had a list of cleaning, shopping, wrapping, shipping, and organizing that I wanted a few days to work on . (I got the wrapping and shipping accomplished. The rest still needs some work.) Here's a brief look at our week.


Jessie spent the week working on the angle section of the Intensive Practice book. She did some angle measuring and identified different types of angles in various figures. We ran into a few unexpected snags with the latter assignment. Once I explained that she could only count angles on the inside of the figure and modeled what she needed to do, she did very well. She also finished her first section in her CWP 4 book this week. She got the week off from math drill since I hadn't made a drill sheet for her and the wrap up developed a very large tangle in its cord (seemingly all on its own while it was in the school cabinet). Hmm. I still need to go take care of that.

Violet finished up the money section of her Intensive Practice book on Tuesday and did a general review exercise on Wednesday. Her borrowing has improved quite a bit over the past week. She still brings me her problems frequently just to hear me say that her borrowing is fine. My plan for now is to continue through the book. We can revisit the hows and whys of borrowing later if we run into problems again. Her Miquon assignments are still covering square numbers. This week she switched to the abacus in order to come up with her answers. Hopefully by next week, she start to remember the answers. Her CWP problems are going very well.


In grammar Jessie finished up her 4th unit on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent identifying and then diagramming direct objects. In spelling we squeezed in a full week by taking the week off from critical thinking. That will allow us to take off spelling completely the week of Christmas. In dictation, we're still plugging away. No assigned reading. For CW, we completed our retelling of "Bruce and the Spider".

Violet also completed a full week of spelling. We forgot (technically I forgot and she didn't bother to remind me) to do her grammar lesson on Tuesday, so she got the week off from that. In cursive, she learned the letters P, Q, and R. I'm excited to think that in a couple of weeks we can switch over to cursive copywork. No assigned reading this week.


We took the week off from both.


Instead of starting the next lesson in Latin, we spent a few days reviewing. All three days Jessie went through her Latin vocabulary cards. On Monday, I gave her 3 verbs to conjugate in the present tense. Tuesday, she declined 3 nouns. She also had 4 sentences each day where she had to choose the correct form of the verb and predicate noun or adjective if included before translating.

No music this week. (I did finally get the book from the library so we can start again next week.) For art the girls each drew an anglerfish.


Benny and I played with the letter magnets this week to practice his phonics. In counting he made it to 50 on Wednesday. YEAH! No themes or crafts this week. We read a few books, and he spent as much time as he could helping DH.


Miranda said...
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Rhonda said...

Sorry about the deleted comment above. My daughter was signed in and I accidentally commented.
Anyway, it looks like you accomplished a lot in three days. The cursive is beautiful and I love the anglerfish drawings. :)