Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quarterly Progress Check: Jessie's 4th grade plans

Wow. Time certainly does fly. It seems hard to believe that we are one fourth of the way through our school year now, and baby Henry has turned 5 months old. (ACK!! How could that happen already!?!) At any rate, that brings about the normal status check of how we are progressing through my lesson plans and through our goals (in a later post) for the year. We are actually fairly close to being on track. We're one week behind in Latin and a week ahead in CW from my original plans. That is simply because I decided at the last minute to start CW in week 2 and hold off on Latin until week 3. We're also one lesson behind in math and grammar. This is my fault not Jessie's because I missed including one lesson in each of these subjects when I made the original schedules. (Grr... I hate it when that happens.) So the bottom line is that Jessie is right on track. So what do I really learn from this exercise. I have no science planned for next week and only two more weeks of history planned out. (Nothing like the pressure of a deadline to get me motivated and busy.)

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